Product Care

Care & Cleaning for Labrazel Bath Accessories

Like all fine, handcrafted products, Labrazel accessories should be handled with care. Unless specified, our products are not dishwasher-safe and should not be allowed to soak or stand in water.

Many of our products have hand-applied finishes and decorative details that may be damaged by abrasive cleaning products. In most cases, a soft cloth dampened with water will be sufficient.

Pewter can be gently polished with commercial metal polishes including "Nevr-Dull" and "Barkeeper's Friend." We also recommend a paste made with dishwashing soap and baking powder, combined with a gentle buffing with very fine steel wool (000 grade). For all other metals, we suggest only a light rinse with water, as needed. Dry each piece thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Glass can be washed by hand with dishwashing liquid.

For all other products, we recommend a dampened cloth or a very light rinse with water, as appropriate for the material.

Care & Service for your Labrazel Pump Dispenser
Setting up your pump dispenser

If your pump top was shipped separately, you may need to trim the pump "straw" to the correct length. Hold the pump assembly next to the dispenser bottle and trim the straw with scissors. It should fit without touching the bottom.

Filling your pump dispenser

Our pumps are attached with a threaded neck. Overtightening the pump top can damage the product,so use a light touch whenever you remove the pump or reattach it. Easy does it!

Routine Maintenance

Each time you refill your dispenser, and as part of your regular cleaning routine, we recommend that you remove the pump from the dispenser and flush it with water. This will clear out dried soap and prevent clogs.

Going Away?

If you're not planning to use the pump for an extended period of time, it's best to flush the pump mechanism with water and leave it unattached until you need it.

Pump Repair

If you find that your soap dispenser isn't working as it should, it's most likely due to a clog caused by dried soap. Most clogs can be easily fixed right in your home, following a few easy steps:

Download the Cleaning Instructions

Pump Replacement

If you've changed your decor or simply wish to have a new pump top, they're available online:

Purchase a new pump top