Beautiful Baths with Bella Mancini

Bella ManciniBath Design by Bella Mancini

Designer Bella Mancini creates eclectic spaces that feel relaxed, authentic and livable. “A room should tell a story, not look like it was all done at once,” she told Hamptons Cottages and Gardens in a recent feature. Her interiors for clients in NYC and beyond cover the spectrum from minimalist modern to boho chic, but the through line is a touch of the breezy West Coast style which comes naturally to this Southern California native.

We chatted with Bella about her approach to bath design: 

Master bathrooms have become both showpieces and pampering sanctuaries, a place where clients are often willing to splurge. Why do you think this space has become so important?  

Oftentimes the master bathroom is a true refuge from hectic living. Clients want to feel pampered and almost like a spa guest in their home. I can’t tell you how many times clients have asked for us to design their bathroom as if it’s in a luxury hotel.  

What are the top 3 must-haves for your clients when working together to design their perfect master bathroom?

1. A tub to soak in with plenty of space to store salts, candles, and wine!

2. A gorgeous, impactful stone and lots of it. 

3. A thoughtful lighting plan. We want bright light to do makeup and soft, glowy light for a relaxing bath.

What’s the most memorable, luxurious hotel bathroom you’ve ever seen? Do you often take inspiration from hotels you’ve stayed in? Does one in particular come to mind?

I am a total sucker for an outdoor shower.  The Rosewood Mayakoba’s is my dream shower – a huge rain shower head set in the palms and bougainvillea.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

What is the biggest struggle you come across when designing a client’s luxury master bathroom?

In NYC expanding a bathroom with rules against “wet over dry” can be a major setback.  It’s a bummer, but real life in the big city. 

What’s the best way to create ambiance in a bathroom? Lighting?  Flowers? Candles? Any favorites?

During a party I like to dim the lights low, light a candle, and put flowers in unexpected places.  For a recent dinner in my own home I hid all the personal items and lined the shower niche with small bud vases with flowers.  It was a pretty pop of color to our otherwise monotoned bathroom.

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